Small Price For Morning Kisses

I’m late. I woke up at 7:10 instead of 5:30. The kids ran in my bathroom as I was getting ready and gave me hugs and kisses. I usually get up so early that I don’t see them before work. I miss that. ❤️ I’m taking  the last bus downtown.  This will set me back, … [Read more…]

My Day

5:18am: How did I wake up before my 5:30 alarm? How is that even possible?  6:17am I took too much time getting dressed and made up. Grab a frozen lunch and go. (I miss good green tea brewed in a French press) Uh oh, are those my daughter’s footstets? Better scram  if I want to … [Read more…]

The Ride Home

I took my lanyard off from around my neck. Two plastic cards are what I need everyday to get around. I beep to get through the turn stile and any closed door in my downtown job. I need my ID tag to get to my cubicle and to use the bathroom. I need my Breeze … [Read more…]

Quick and Easy Armenian Pilaf

Easy pilaf recipe

I come from an Armenian family -on my dad’s side. My Armenian grandma made pilaf and my non-armenian mom (being the awesome wife she is) learned to make it for my dad. Over the years, she has perfected the recipe as a side dish and has even figured out a way to make it FAST … [Read more…]

Solving the Employment Problem

Team building games are bullshit. Yeah, I nailed it. But balancing dice on a popsicle stick is not going to make me better at my job

Why So Many People are Unhappy with Having a JOB and How to Fix it. Based on the number of books with titles containing phrases like; “Be a Free Range Human”,“Escape From Cubicle Nation” and “Fire Your Boss”, it would appear that everyone with a J.O.B. -particularly an ambiguous office job, would rather not have … [Read more…]

Glow Stick Lantern Idea

Glow Stick Lantern

Glow sticks for outside venues as an alternative to bringing candles. A glow stick is suspended on a cord inside a glass decanter. The lantern can be hung from a tree or hook or put on a table top for nice soft light during an outdoor venue. Glow sticks: One dollar at the dollar store Red … [Read more…]

Lego Festival in Atlanta, Ga.

Lego building blocks

The Lego Kids Fest is only hitting five US cities this year. Fortunately for my friends in Georgia, one of those cities is Atlanta. What is it about Legos that makes them so popular? My son is not yet four, but based on the few sets of Duplo Legos he enjoys, I can see how he may be headed for this … [Read more…]

Over Ear Headphones are Replacing Ear Buds

DJ Headphones

Apparently, I’m not the only one who never liked those little tiny rubber earbuds that stick in your ear. Lucky for me,  old school headphones, also known as DJ headphones, are kind of a hot thing now. Yay! Retro rules. When I first started looking for over ear headphones, I bought a really crappy cheap … [Read more…]

The Best Electric Egg Cookers and Why I Care

Electric Egg Cooker

The top 3 Rated Egg Cookers on Amazon are on my wishlist. Oh no, could I be turning into my “rating shopper” husband?! Why an egg cooker? I’m not that great in the kitchen. And I’m a busy working mom. And I’m a vegetarian (lacto-ovo vegetarian.) And organic Eggs are a great source of protein. … [Read more…]

Weekly Dinner Plan: International Week


We don’t always prepare a weekly dinner plan, but when we do, it makes our lives much easier (for that week anyway.) It eliminates the “What’s for dinner” question. Plan your meals ahead of time and make a list of things you need before going to the grocery store over the weekend. I’m doing that … [Read more…]

High Def USB Cameras for Skype

belkin usb camera

After a recent Skype call, I realized that the usb camera I had was old. It looks grainy. Maybe it is time to upgrade. I like the way my current Logitec fits around my flat screen monitor. Let’s take a look at my options for an upgrade. These Logitec usb web cams are my top … [Read more…]

Spring Green Festival in Lawrenceville

Spring Green Festival in Lawrenceville, Ga.

If you are looking for spring festivals in Lawrenceville, GA, Spring Green Festival happens every year around the end of March. This year was rainy, but we still had a great time. The festival usually involves of a bed race. Here is a hint: Don’t bother trying to get set up on the main street near the … [Read more…]

Family Home Office Makeover

New Family Study

We needed a solution. Our home office never got much love since we moved in almost two years ago. We just made it work with mismatched Ikea furniture. It became the “catch-all” for stuff. Not ideal for keeping things organized, and of course the work-from-home goal in the forefront of my mind… After months of … [Read more…]